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Before buying or selling a property you should be armed with the best knowledge possible. A professional property inspection is the best way to determine any underlying structural issues the property may have that the previous owner failed to notice. Our Inspector will inspect the structure of the property including entry ways, foundations and porches as well as the exterior of the property such as balconies and analyze the grading of the land for any drainage problems or safety concerns. An Inspector will complete a report for the buyer and/or seller to use in their decision regarding their next move on the property. Property Inspections are beneficial for a buyer or seller as knowledge regarding the properties strengths and weaknesses will help throughout the negotiation process


Your home inspection is guided by the Standards of Practice designed by the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors

Bluffs Inspection Services was formed in April of 2004. Our inspectors have combined experience of over 30 years. Bluffs Inspection Service has performed inspections all across Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska. Bluffs Inspection Services has had the opportunity to work with clients across the United States.

Our inspectors come from the construction industry, having working in multiple fields of construction and project bids. We feel that this experience leads to a qualified inspector.

No inspector or inspection company should offer to do repairs or improvements. Our Code of Ethics strictly prohibits this type of activity.

A typical inspection will average from 2 to 4 hours depending on the size of the property and access to specific areas.

Cost for an inspection can vary and depends on several factors of the property. Bluffs Inspection Services takes pride in the ability to offer customized services and encourage you to contact us for a personal quote.

Bluffs Inspection Services provides a complete narrative report delivered in PDF format. We make every effort to fully educate our clients on the condition of the property. Your report will be available no later than 48 hours after the inspection.

We encourage our clients to attend the inspection. This allows you to see what your inspector sees at the time of the inspection. We only ask that questions be kept to a minimum and saved until the inspection is complete.

Bluffs Inspection Services believes that education is vital to success. Our Inspectors complete over 35 hours of continuing education each year.


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